A career center for Jefferson Community & Technical College and Metropolitan College students and alumni.


The CREW Counselor I worked with helped me format my resume and emphasize the skills most relevant in my desired career field.

— Sierra Partee

JCTC FYE 105 Students

Complete the TypeFocus Career Assessment modules.

Faculty & Staff

Request a workshop or post on-campus positions on our campus job board.


Post a job on our job board.

Student Worker Training

Access the required JCTC Student Worker Training (for students, faculty and staff).

Find the Best Career for You

Learn how your personality, interests, and values connects to majors and careers. Take a career assessment and research detailed information about any occupation you are interested in pursuing.

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Create an Awesome Resume

Learn to create a great resume step-by-step by writing skill statements, using action verbs and creating the right resume type to highlight your strengths.

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Become a Job Interview Pro

Learn how to take the fear out of a job interview, answer questions confidently and sell yourself as the right person for the job.

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Learn How to Network

Create a “Two-Minute Presentation,” make connections through informational interviewing and learn to market yourself online with a LinkedIn account and career portfolio.

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Become a Job Search Pro

Learn how to prepare for your job search, find employment opportunities, and search for non-paid experiences to develop your skills.

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Find an Internship / Co-op

Find internships, co-ops and other on-campus job opportunities. Get the work experience you need before you leave school.

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